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CONTACT is AFN Clarke's best selling autobiography of his two tours in Northern Ireland with Britain's elite Parachute Regiment during "The Troubles" of the blood-soaked 1970s. The first tour with 3PARA took place in Belfast's Loyalist Shankill Road area in 1973 and the second, also with 3PARA, during 1976 in the IRA stronghold of Crossmaglen, South Armagh, also known as 'Bandit Country' where the roads were mined with 500lb homemade bombs, now referred to as IEDs.

Serialized for five days in Britain's National Newspaper, The Daily Mirror, in 1983 CONTACT and Tony were the subject of BBC Television's prestigious Newsnight program and he was interviewed by renowned TV host Michael Parkinson.

Now with additions that were left out of the originally published book (at the instance of the publishers), CONTACT is available again. This time as an eBook with cover photograph by Jonathan Olley of the Borucki Sangar on the edge of Crossmaglen square, where Private James Borucki, of Tony's platoon, was killed by a booby trapped bicycle bomb in August 1976.

"...the best account we have had of what it is like to serve in Northern Ireland."  Richard West - Times Literary Supplement

"Captain Clarke is more than a serving soldier, he is a writer of distinction."  Jack Gerson - Glasgow Sunday Standard

"...a major contribution to our understanding of war and how people act...."  Kevin Toolis - Irish News

First published in hardback by Martin Secker & Warburg 1983
Paperback edition published by PAN Books 1984
American edition published by Schocken Books New York 1984
New expanded Kindle edition published by Clarke-Books 2012
New expanded Paperback edition published by Clarke-Books 2014 
BBC TV Film 1985 - Winner Locarno Film Festival for best TV Film  
Blu-Ray DVD released by the BFI 2017 and on sale at

Book length 69,237 words.

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