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The Book of Baker

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From a writer with a dry, rascally sense of humor, and a "nothing-is-sacred" attitude, comes DREAMS FROM THE DEATH AGE, the first book in THE BOOK OF BAKER series. A witty, humorous, devilishly irreverent novel full of unexpected twists and turns, laugh-out-loud characters, and fast paced events. It imagines the absurdities of life in 2020 and pokes fun at politics, religion, cults, and people who think they know-it-all and are beyond reproach.

If you're up for a good laugh and a different way of thinking you will enjoy this book.  But if you can’t laugh at yourself, get self-righteous about religion, politics or sex - you might want to buy the book for someone else.

“This is a true satire - funny, colorful characters, crazy events and a totally irreverent look at politics, religion, spirituality, relationships…. Thanks Clarke for a good read!” Andrew Michaels.

“Clarke’s intelligent and clever writing keeps you pondering how much truth is hidden in the story…” Karen Lee Cohen.

Book length 134,979 words.

ARMAGEDDON is as much of a wild-ride, as irresistibly funny and full of the same irreverent humor, colorful characters and quizzical situations as the first book of the BOOK OF BAKER seriesDREAMS FROM THE DEATH AGE.

As the chaos on the planet deepens, Leandra Loveless, the US National Security Adviser, capitalizes on President Slusch’s slide into insanity by seizing power and declaring herself in charge of the government. To deflect attention from the administration’s incompetence, her first act is to plot nuclear war against the unarmed East African Nation of Ganjania.

ARMAGEDDON is the second book in THE BOOK OF BAKER Trilogy.  

“I highly recommend it, have become a fan of this author.”  Andrew Michaels  

Book length 193,685 words.

The third book in THE BOOK OF BAKER TRILOGY, GENESIS REVISITED will be published in early 2014.
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