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A young woman's search for her estranged father leads to more adventure and emotional turmoil than either of them could have imagined. When she finds him on a battered yacht in the Florida Keys, her fairytale illusions of him gathered from reading his novels, are shattered. This powerful, dramatic and emotionally charged novel explores critical family relationships, divorce, alcoholism, betrayal, self-realisation and hope. 

***** Very moving, uplifting father-daughter story.
 January 10, 2013

 Roma Gaster
5.0 out of 5 stars
****A great read and reminder of what's important in life. January 15, 2013  By KTHuffy

Book length 239 pages - 534kb
4.5 out of 5 stars

Rufus Reed a former British SAS officer, now a successful author living in the United States, is kidnapped from his home near San Francisco and 'renditioned; to a secret CIA 'black site' prison. Charged under false pretenses and subjected to increasingly harsh treatment, Rufus plays a dangerous 'cat-and-mouse' game with his captors as the real agenda begins to become apparent. Set against the background of the 2008 Presidential elections, AN UNQUIET AMERICAN examines the subversive games played by political parties in the USA and in other countries around the world as they vie for power and push their own radical and dangerous agendas.

***** Wonderful read. February 20th 2013 - Nancy Moore.  I'm a lover of historical fiction and this is a book I loved and couldn't put down. The characters were well written and timely.

*****  A Disturbingly yet immensely enjoyable read. December 12th 2012. David George Clarke. This political thriller is superbly written and for much of it the reader could be forgiven for thinking he or she had picked up the latest from Le Carré.

David Trowse, a critically injured soldier, hovers between life and death. In the struggle to survive he tries to ravel together fragments of his past with the present, both civilian and military, but the pieces obstinately refuse to fit; anachronisms begin to jar and old relationships are tangled with new. The pattern that ought to emerge keeps lurching alarmingly into nightmare and horror as reality takes on aspects of fantasy. The contradictions rush together in a series of increasingly violent collisions, and accelerate to a petrifying climax that casts reality itself in doubt.

First published in hardback by Martin Secker & Warburg 1986.   

Book length 75,354 words

****  A gripping, fascinating psychological journey!
 November 7, 2012

 Paul Buckingham
4.0 out of 5 stars
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