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This original series of military/spy thrillers featuring former SFSG (Special Forces Support Group) officer, Thomas Gunn. The series follows his adventures with his partner Julie that take them around the globe as they are unwittingly caught up in mysteries, conspiracies, murder and mayhem.

In THE ORANGE MOON AFFAIR, Thomas Gunn's idea of a quiet life aboard his cruising catamaran in the sun soaked Mediterranean with his partner Julie, is shattered with the news of his father's murder. Determined to discover the truth behind this ruthless execution, Thomas is drawn into an international web of intrigue that spans the globe. What started as a simple murder investigation becomes a dangerous cat-and-mouse game where Thomas has to call upon his old skills to survive and discover the truth and protect what remains of his family. But nothing is what it seems.

Book length: 489kb approximately 256 pages.

44 Reviews on with an average 4.7 rating

***** Exciting, enthralling, and thrilling! May 14th 2013 by rocket7001 - The Orange Moon Affair is hard to summarize. It is an excellent book with all the right elements, and there is truly something for everyone.

 Cloak and dagger thriller May 14th 2013 by bjy50131 - The Orange Moon Affair is a suspenseful cloak and dagger thriller. The book is well written, containing unforeseen twists and turns as well as characters you find yourself cheering for........I really enjoyed this story very much.

 A straightforward thriller full of promise May 4th 2013 by AlyseGarner - A well written novel The Orange Moon Affair throws you right in at the deep end within its first few pages. 

***** It is a full moon indeed May 14th 2013 by bertiejf - The Orange Moon Affair is a wonderfully written and thought out conspiracy thriller.....Very enjoyable read. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

The Jonas Trust Deception is the second book of the acclaimed Thomas Gunn thriller series by bestselling author AFN Clarke.

Thomas gets a coded message from his old friend Morgan.  She’s in danger. But where? And why?

Realizing The Orange Moon conspiracy is far from over and outraged by being constantly “played” by old foes and new, Thomas decides to fight the smoke-and-mirrors deception of the faceless “puppeteers” by taking an action so bold, so dangerous, and so unexpected, that even his team fear he’s lost his mind. 

Has he? Or can he expose the can of worms at the very top and reveal it for what it is? 

From Baja in Mexico to Atlanta Georgia; Los Angeles to the High Sierras, Thomas tracks down the killers in this exciting original high adventure story.

Book length approximately 331 pages 1.8mb

15 reviews on average 4.7 rating

***** Action packed and Wonderfully Written by Veritas Vincit "Bill" Oct 5th 2013
'...I found myself making promises to only read one more chapter, but then a cliffhanger would draw me to the next page, opr a mysterious intruder with unknown intentions would seduce me into reading for just a few more minutes....All in all this is a genuinely thrilling novel.'

***** Pulse-Pounding Action by Sam Hankins October 11th 2013
'...I strongly recommend this book as well as it's prequel. The plot is exciting and the delivery is just fantastic.'

***** Another Winning Gunn Thriller by Brian October 10th 2013
'...I highly recommend the book and the author AFN Clarke. He does a masterful job of showing you all the angles, but not quite enough to link them. Awesome read.'

***** Second time as good as the first by RStaymates October 8th 2013
'...Mr Clarke is a master at this sort of tale, weaving with his words the worlds that Thomas Gunn and his friend occupy. Every character is believable, and the action never ends.'

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